IFFBoston 2024

Secret Mall Apartment


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Subject Michael Townsend, Subject Colin Bliss, and Director Jeremy Workman

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In 2003, eight Rhode Islanders created a secret apartment inside the busy Providence Place Mall and lived in it for four years, filming everything along the way. They snuck in furniture, tapped into the mall’s electricity, and even constructed a wall, smuggling in over 2 tons of cinderblock. Far more than just a wild prank, the secret apartment became a deeply meaningful place for its inhabitants—a personal expression of defiance against local gentrification, a clubhouse to coordinate artistic charity, and finally, a 750 square foot "F you" to The Man.

From Jeremy Workman, whose THE WORLD BEFORE YOUR FEET won the Special Jury Prize for Documentary Feature at IFFBoston 2018 and from Executive Producer Jesse Eisenberg.