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    • 20 Days in Mariupol

      Mstyslav Chernov’s first feature film draws on Chernov’s daily news dispatches and personal footage of his own country at war. It offers a vivid, harrowing account of civilians caught in the siege, as well as a window into what it’s like to report from a conflict zone.

    • 26.2 to Life

      3 incarcerated men undertake running a marathon inside prison for redemption.

    • A Bit Personal

      Two isolated seniors in Massachusetts receive companionship and care from an unlikely source: digital pets.

    • ARTBOY (Boston University)

      When a shy high school artist, Liam, is rejected by his best friend Natalie, he must grapple with heartbreak at a party on Halloween night.

    • Above the Branches

      An adopted man takes a genealogy test and discovers he may not be human.

    • Afire

      Four young people meet in a small holiday cottage on the Baltic Sea during the hot, dry summer. There is a forest fire, and slowly and unnoticeably, they are enclosed by the walls of flame. Now trapped, they get closer, and are overtaken by powerful urges. The latest film from Christian Petzold (BARBARA, PHOENIX, TRANSIT).

    • All Men Are Wicked

      Three outlaws, accused of robbing a stagecoach, find themselves bound and hanging upside down in the desert.

    • And Then I Was Here

      The intimate final days of pregnancy and birth of a child to a genderqueer parent.

    • Apayauq

      Apayauq Reitan is the first out trans woman to complete the Iditarod.

    • Art For Everybody

      After his death, pastoral painter Thomas Kinkade’s family discovers a vault of unexpectedly dark paintings.

    • Aurora's Sunrise

      The true story of how a fourteen-year-old girl escaped the slaughter of the Armenian genocide and embarked upon an odyssey that took her to the heights of Hollywood stardom.

    • Bad Press

      When the Muscogee Nation suddenly begins censoring their free press, a rogue reporter fights to expose her government’s corruption in a historic battle that will have ramifications for all of Indian Country.

    • Bare Metal

      Advocates sustainable digital infrastructure and decarbonization partnerships.

    • Beautiful Was The Fight

      Women Are Driving the Boston Music Scene

    • Being Mary Tyler Moore

      With unprecedented access to Mary Tyler Moore’s vast archive, BEING MARY TYLER MOORE chronicles the screen icon whose storied career spanned sixty years. Weaving Moore’s personal narrative with the beats of her professional accomplishments, the film highlights her groundbreaking roles and the indelible impact she had on generations of women who came after her.

    • Below Surface

      Reveals the extraordinary power of community through an unlikely subject: a YMCA Aquafit class.

    • Best Buddies

      Two best friends grapple with their relationship over the course of an eventful night.

    • The Big Idea: Last Mile

      When cryogenics expert Kitty Liao discovers that half of the world's vaccines get spoiled during their last mile of delivery, she decides to dedicate her life to creating a solution.

    • Birth/Rebirth

      A single mother and a childless morgue technician are bound together by their relationship to a little girl they have reanimated from the dead.

    • Blackberry

      The story of Mike Lazaridis (Jay Baruchel) and Jim Balsillie (Glenn Howerton), the two men that charted the course of the spectacular rise and catastrophic demise of the world’s first smartphone.

    • The Block

      What is it like to live on the longest block in a progressive American city?

    • Blue Boy

      Insecure bodybuilder, Joey Muscles, starts doing steroids in a last ditch effort to go pro.

    • Blue Room

      Incarcerated participants in a mental health experiment watch nature videos on loop.

    • Bobi Wine: The People's President

      In Uganda’s 2021 presidential election, music star, activist and opposition leader Bobi Wine, together with his wife Barbie, rallies his people in a dangerous fight for freedom from President Museveni’s oppressive 35-year regime.

    • Bolognese

      An unforeseen confession derails expectations when Mira meets face to face with the man she's been virtually dating for weeks.

    • Brooklyn 45

      Best friends since childhood, five World War II veterans reunite to support their troubled host, and the metaphoric ghosts of their past become all-too-literal. Trapped in their host’s lounge, the Greatest Generation is confronted by one final trial through bloodshed.

    • Bumpy the Clown (Fitchburg State University)

      Fueled by nicotine, corn dogs, and motherly support, Bumpy the Clown provides a unique perspective of what it means to be an American.

    • Cacophony (Wheaton College)

      When guitarist Julien is late for band practice, tempers flare and threaten the future of the group.

    • Cara Romero: Following The Light

      Behind-the-scenes of the work of fine art photographer and Chemehuevi citizen Cara Romero.

    • Charcoal

      In the Brazilian countryside, a family straining to care for their bedridden patriarch have their lives changed when a shady nurse offers a diabolical deal: put their elder to rest and host an Argentinian drug kingpin who urgently needs a place to hide.

    • Chicken Stories

      On a start-up farm outside Oakland, various chicken flocks surmount daily obstacles while the newbie farmers attempt to Google their way to help.

    • A Compassionate Spy

      Brilliant physicist Ted Hall is recruited to join the Manhattan Project while still a teenager and goes to Los Alamos with no clue what he'll be working on. When he learns the true nature of the weapon being designed, he fears the post-war risk of a nuclear holocaust and begins to pass significant information to the Soviet Union.

    • Confessions of a Good Samaritan

      Director Penny Lane’s decision to become a “Good Samaritan” by giving one of her kidneys to a stranger launches her on an unexpectedly funny, intimate, and provocative quest to understand why everyone seems to think she’s crazy.

    • Contemporary Iran, Visions and Documents

      Short films by Iranian women, both in Iran and in diaspora.

    • Cotton Fever

      James, a low level drug dealer and addict, struggles to raise money for a new family.

    • Darla in Space

      Darla owes the IRS $349,000. Can an orgasm-granting sentient kombucha Mother help?

    • The Dogmatics: A Dogumentary

      The Dogmatics—they were Boston’s house band

    • Dollar Pizza Documentary

      In a city full of pizza, the dollar slice reigns supreme

    • Don't You Go Nowhere

      A jazz dynamo makes an unexpected connection with a fan.

    • Donkey

      After receiving an emergency call, a struggling actor has to face his family during his lowest moment.

    • Earlybird

      A desperate theater owner resuscitates his struggling business with off-the-wall productions, all the while losing sight of why he chose this life at all.

    • The Eight Mountains

      After meeting as children over a series of summers in the Italian Alps, Pietro and Bruno reunite as adults to build a mountainside cottage which becomes a site of both reflection and reconciliation.

    • Feeding A City: Boston's Fight Against Food Insecurity

      Organizations across Boston have partnered to fight rising levels of food insecurity.

    • Free Time

      Drew quits his job and then quickly decides he wants it back.

    • Fremont

      Donya is an Afghan, newly in America. She works in a Chinese Fortune Cookie Factory.

    • Friend or Foe (UMass Lowell)

      A skateboarder has a strange encounter in a parking lot.

    • Gather Hear Louisiana

      A musician travels with a piano to uncover the essence of her chosen home country.

    • Helium

      An absurdist examination of female friendship, Helium explores various dynamics of intimacy over the course of a double date à la maison.

    • Home Alone (Bentley University)

      We all have our daily routines. Everyday, they are the same. But what happens when we are abruptly, unexpectedly taken out of them? Anything can happen when you are home alone...

    • Hummingbirds

      In this late-night summer self-portrait, Silvia and Beba make magic of everyday moments coming of age on the Texas-Mexico border.

    • If The Island Could Talk

      An esoteric island community in the Boston Harbor faces the inevitable end of a long-kept tradition.

    • The Invite

      Encouraged by a self-help audiobook, a housekeeper reaches for connection with her employer.

    • Iron Opera

      It's not easy to stage an opera in the middle of nowhere.

    • Join Or Die

      Why you should join a club—and why the fate of America depends on it.

    • King Coal

      The cultural roots of coal continue to permeate the rituals of daily life in Appalachia even as its economic power wanes. The journey of a coal miner's daughter exploring the region's dreams and myths, untangling the pain and beauty.

    • Kiss 'N' Ride

      A woman falls in love over and over after a great first date.

    • Kokomo City

      Four Black transgender sex workers explore the dichotomy between the Black community and themselves while confronting issues long avoided.

    • Love To Love You, Donna Summer

      Captures a richly complex picture of the woman, the artist, the wife and mother whose iconic voice changed music forever.

    • Make the Voices Stop (Endicott College)

      Identical twins Alex and Aaron have grappled with addiction together for years. However, a distance starts to form between them as Alex gets sober and Aaron’s mental health begins to decline.

    • MassArt 150th Anniversary Screening 1

    • MassArt 150th Anniversary Screening 2

    • Master Gardener

      Joel Edgerton and Sigourney Weaver star in the latest from master filmmaker Paul Schrader.

    • Mean Spirited

      After receiving an invitation to his estranged friend’s mountain home, a wannabe Vlogger aims to bury the hatchet with their now-celebrity friend who isn’t quite himself anymore. Some friendships can be saved, others never stood a chance.

    • Monica

      Reconnecting with her mother (Patricia Clarkson) and the rest of her family for the first time since leaving as a teenager, Monica (Trace Lysette) embarks on a path of healing and acceptance.

    • Never Be A Punching Bag For Nobody

      An East Boston boxing gym and the activist history of its neighborhood, by indie-rock musician Naomi Yang

    • Never Be A Punching Bag For Nobody OST Listening Party

      Join us for the release of the soundtrack to Naomi Yang's NEVER BE A PUNCHING BAG FOR NOBODY

    • Nixon's Reversal

      The bizarre story of Richard Nixon’s brief flirtation with guaranteed income.

    • Noises

      New York City Apartments. Paper-thin walls. Weird Neighbors. You can hear anything.

    • Nordo

      Inspired by real events. A woman faces mounting anxiety and fear when her pilot husband unexpectedly volunteers to fly troops and refugees out of Afghanistan in August 2021.

    • October Mourning

      Grieving the loss of his father, Henry Sims has one more conversation with Dad.

    • The Order Of Things

      An aging clockmaker repairs watches and recounts his memories as a political prisoner during the Romanian dictatorship. A film about routine, resilience and the echoes of time.

    • The Oyster (Suffolk University)

      A look into what an oyster farmer does in a day to get everyone's favorite seafood: The Oyster

    • Palookaville

      Things get turned upside down when JoJo wakes up believing he’s Joe Louis—one of boxing's greatest legends...

    • Partner in Crime (Tufts University)

      Eight months after Zoe's parents are divorced, her mother, the headmaster of a struggling Catholic school, refuses to talk to Zoe about the separation. When a boy she has a crush on hints that Zoe's mother is funneling money from a local public school to St. Anthony's, the two begin to investigate, uncovering the truth of Zoe's mother's involvement.

    • Past Lives

      Nora and Hae Sung, two deeply connected childhood friends, separate after Nora’s family emigrated from South Korea. Two decades later, they are reunited in New York for one fateful week as they confront notions of destiny, love, and the choices that make a life.

    • Peanut Butter

      Dan is fed up. Fed up with his misfortunes, fed up with his bad luck and fed up with his life. He decided to end it by eating his last ban: peanuts.

    • Pickup

      When a rideshare to the airport takes an unsettling turn, both passenger and driver struggle to keep control.

    • Plan 75

      In Japan, government program Plan 75 encourages senior citizens to be voluntarily euthanized to remedy a super-aged society. An elderly woman whose means of survival are vanishing, a pragmatic Plan 75 salesman, and a young Filipino laborer face choices of life and death.

    • Plan C

      A determined group of women expands access to abortion pills in throughout the United States

    • Pod Generation

      In a not-so-distant future, amid a society madly in love with technology, tech giant Pegazus offers couples the opportunity to share their pregnancies via detachable artificial wombs or pods. And so begins Rachel (Emilia Clarke) and Alvy's (Chiwetel Ejiofor) wild ride to parenthood in this brave new world.

    • Quahoggers: Rhode Island's Iconic Shell-Fishermen

      Meet Rhode Island’s iconic Quahoggers, shell-fishermen digging up clams, by hand, from Narraganset Bay.

    • REC (Lesley University)

      She thought she was taping her progress. She didn't know she was filming her own haunting.

    • Raising The Floor

      In 2020 a global pandemic sent the majority Latinx city of Chelsea, Massachusetts spiraling into chaos. Frontline workers risked their lives to help others, while City leaders came together in a desperate moment with a simple but inspired idea.

    • The Recall: Reframed

      Who actually bears the burden when we demand harsher punishment for a privileged white defendant?

    • Riceboy Sleeps

      Set in the 90s, a Korean single mother raises her young son in the suburbs of Canada determined to provide a better life for him than the one she left behind.

    • The Roads We Travel

      A man enters therapy crushed by regret over his past.

    • Root Rot (MassArt)

      Winnie, a reclusive botanical photographer digs up Onie who has seemingly been buried alive. It is later revealed that it is Onie’s birthday and Winnie insists on having a proper celebration. throughout the two’s festivities, circumstances grow grim as Onie’s health rapidly deteriorates.

    • Run Amok

      A teenage girl decides to stage a musical reenactment of the shooting that took place at her high school ten years ago.

    • School Nights

      A nostalgia-prone man finds himself transported to a world where seventh grade lasts forever.

    • Silencio

      A mute man searches for the spirit of a bear and, meanwhile, his voice.

    • The Special Seat

      A YouTuber who gives pleasure through sounds is attacked by unpleasant sounds.

    • Starting From Zero

      Three refugees must start life anew after the sudden U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

    • Stephen Curry: Underrated

      Stephen Curry is one of the most influential, dynamic, and unexpected players in the history of basketball. Intimate cinematic video, archival footage, and on-camera interviews reveal Curry's rise from an undersized college player to a four-time NBA champion.

    • Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie

      The improbable tale of a short kid from a Canadian army base who became the darling of 1980s Hollywood—only to find the course of his life altered by a stunning diagnosis. What happens when an incurable optimist confronts an incurable disease?

    • Stonebreakers

      In a year of uprisings, Stonebreakers chronicles the conflicts around historical monuments in the USA.

    • The Street Project

      Worldwide, more than a million people die in traffic-related crashes each year. Half of those deaths are pedestrians and cyclists. THE STREET PROJECT is an inspiring story about the global, citizen-led fight to make our streets safer.

    • Sunday (Middlesex Community College)

      An unhappy middle-aged woman gets too drunk while out to dinner with her emotionally-distant husband and accidentally reveals her disorganized and insecure feelings about their marriage and herself.

    • Supermarket Affairs

      A Vietnamese immigrant mother and daughter in the US inadvertently involve a handsome stranger in their argument.

    • The Vacation

      A black man attempts to take a vacation.

    • Theo Anthony Makes A Stool

      A documentary filmmaker takes us through the steps of his latest creative project—a wooden stool.

    • Time Bomb Y2K

      An immersive, all-archival retelling of the mass hysteria caused by the “Y2K” millennium bug.

    • Toxic Faucets: Five Decades in Durham, CT

      The discovery of toxic water rattles a rural Connecticut community.

    • Vulpes (Emerson College)

      After many years of conjuring the idea of 'man' and what it means to be human, a sly nimble fox spirit becomes a human to learn their ways.​

    • ᏓᏗᏬᏂᏏ (We Will Speak)

      A small group of Cherokee activists race to save their language from extinction.

    • Wild Life

      A sweeping portrait of conservationists Kris and Doug Tompkins chronicling their fight to preserve one of the last truly wild places on earth.

    • Woman In The Mirror

      A driven ballerina is leading a diverse group of ballet students in their difficult journey to become professional dancers.

    • Panel—Expanding Audience: Accessibility as Creative Practice