April 22 29, 2020
April 2229, 2020


independent film festival boston

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There is one simple truth:

Without our enthusiastic, committed and hardworking team of volunteers, IFFBoston would not exist.

From tearing tickets to selling merchandise; wrangling lines to handing out daily planners; greeting patrons with a smile to recommending local restaurants, volunteers remain essential to countless aspects of the festival.

In addition the numerous operational tasks during the festival, we also seek folks with specialized talents, such as web development, graphic design, ad sales and photography.

Do you have a love for our city and film culture?
Do you want to help a great organization?

We invite you to apply to be a part of IFFBoston and join a community of great people putting on a great event for Boston.

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Thank you!

2019 Presenting Sponsors

With additional thanks and gratitude to all of our sponsors for this year's festival.

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