IFFBoston 2024

Student Shorts Showcase

May 4 @ 1:00 - Somerville Theatre - Screen 1


  • 05/04/2024 01:00PM


Package Shorts

1221 image


Amidst the lockdown of 2020, an essential worker finds connections to his community through the rise of a seemingly fantastical tweet.

Baby Teeth image

Baby Teeth

One girl’s quest to catch the tooth fairy is derailed and quickly becomes an investigation into the past, the truth, and what it means to know someone.

Citizens of Kattaquam image

Citizens of Kattaquam

In a post-apocalyptic world where religion is outlawed, a reluctant man faces a moral dilemma when he gets a glimpse of his city's mystical underground.

Coming Down is the Hardest Thing image

Coming Down is the Hardest Thing

Cubby, a 3-year old Bernedoodle, is in a funk. When his parents threaten to leave him behind for the first time, he must learn to do the impossible.

Focus image


A short documentary that artistically portrays the experience of ADHD.

Like Me image

Like Me

Despite seemingly similar identities, Malik finds out that he and college girlfriend Alicia come from different worlds when he is invited to her parent’s home for dinner.

Robin image


A teenager, unwillingly cast as the male lead in a coming-of-age film, runs away in search of their real identity. In accepting help from those around them, they begin to discover who they are while charting a path forward.

Traeh image


A determined detective reopens a case long considered closed, only to uncover truths that challenge his own perception of reality and reveal a heart shattered by loss and longing.

Will-O‘-The-Wisp image


Criminals Willow and Violet seek refuge in a run-down motel, their proximity forcing the two to come to terms with their close relationship.