IFFBoston 2021

The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet

Virtual Screening May 7

Sebastian politely faces his neighbors, who complain about his dog’s cries, and similarly reacts to his employers, who forbid pets in the workplace. A series of peculiar and challenging moments like this follow as Sebastian changes jobs and reconnects with his mother. At one point, along with the new responsibility of being a father, Sebastian must contend with an unknown pandemic—one that requires the bizarre preventive measures of walking crouched down and wearing expensive bubble headgear. At times disaffected, at other times cautiously optimistic, “everyman” Sebastian shows surprising resilience through it all.

Ana Katz presents a fable that is at once impressionistic and immediate. Her signature offbeat and sincere tone pervades THE DOG WHO WOULDN’T BE QUIET, shot with black-and-white film and illustrated. Rebelling against traditional plot and structure, Katz draws insight into what acceptance and humility look like in an increasingly chaotic world. The result is a bewitching work that “hits different” in these perplexing times.

—Sundance Film Festival guide

Only available to stream in New England

Available to stream until May 9 @ 1:13 pm