IFFBoston 2021

Last Night In Rozzie

Virtual Screening May 15

Ronnie Russo (Neil Brown Jr., STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON) is a successful but emotionally damaged New York lawyer. Despite a critical deadline, he hurries back to his old Boston neighborhood, Roslindale, answering the call of his childhood best friend, Joey Donovan (Jeremy Sisto, Six Feet Under). They haven’t seen each other since the violent night 25 years ago that changed both their lives forever.

Joey is dying from alcoholism, and he begs Ronnie to help him see his 10-year-old son before it’s too late. Ronnie sets out to win over Joey’s estranged ex-wife Pattie (Nicky Whelan, KNIGHT OF CUPS) and fulfill his old friend’s dying wish. But as he gets closer to this strong single mother and learns more about the man Joey’s become, the more he questions his mission.

And the longer he stays in Rozzie, the more Ronnie’s life unravels. Unable to stave off the onslaught of painful memories, he’s forced to confront the unbearable trauma of Joey’s and his last night together as kids––a night that left two boys forever wounded.

Only available to stream in New England

Available to stream until May 17 @ 1:20 pm