IFFBoston 2021

Dream Horse

Virtual Screening May 9

In a sleepy working-class community, Jan Vokes (Toni Collette) struggles to find meaning in her life while waiting tables at the local pub. One night, a chance encounter with an arrogant customer, Howard Davies (Damian Lewis), a former racehorse syndicate leader, inspires her to take on a new challenge. Despite her parents’ skepticism, Jan recruits neighbors and barflies alike into a crazy scheme to contribute to a community fund and breed a racehorse. After a rocky start, Dream Alliance—the horse and the syndicate—is born. After the horse wins one race after another, the syndicate’s success enriches the lives of all its members, giving them a sense of purpose they had never imagined before.

Welsh director Euros Lyn translates this miraculous underdog story, which was the subject of the 2015 documentary DARK HORSE, into a dramatic narrative by heightening the tension both on and off the track. Toni Collette inspires as the strong-willed Jan, while supporting performances by the motley crew of fellow racehorse owners infuse the film with warmth and humor.

—Sundance Film Festival guide

Only available to stream in New England

Available to stream until May 11 @ 1:53 pm