How to Use your Virtual Badge

Looking to get an all-access badge to the 2021 Festival?

Become a Supporter or higher-level member.


Once you log in as a member, you need to order a virtual ticket for each film you want to see.

Note that each film has a limited number of tickets available.

This badge grants you access to one stream per film as long as the event has not reached capacity. To guarantee a viewing, we recommend you reserve your tickets in advance as soon as possible:


  1. For each film you want to watch, click the “INFO & TICKETS” button. On each individual film page, click the “RESERVE YOUR SPOT” button. This will bring up the ticket popup window.
  2. In the ticket popup window, scroll down to “Select Ticket Quantity”. Select ‘1’ in the “Streaming Pass Redemption” dropdown.
  3. Click “ADD TO CART”.
  4. To add more films, click off the ticket window onto the main page, and select additional films. Repeat the process until you add as many films as you want to view.
  5. When you’ve selected all the films you want, Click “Checkout”.
  6. Review your email address and click the “Finalize order” button.
  7. Check your email for links to view the films.


  1. Selecting “CLICK TO STREAM” automatically creates a reservation, so nothing will be available in the “Streaming Pass Redemption” dropdown.
  2. You will not get an email with this link, so you’ll have to sign in to your account to view the streaming links.
  3. Click “View Your Orders”.
  4. Click on the relevant order.
  5. Select the “Click to Stream” button for the film you want to see.