April 26May 3, 2017
April 26May 3, 2017


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About Us


Executive Director: Brian Tamm

Program Director: Nancy Campbell

Associate Director: Judy Wong

Operations Coordinator: Christine Harbaugh

Volunteer Coordinator: Christian Kincaid

Technical Director: John Quackenbush

Box Office Manager: Kristin DeMaio

Event Coordinator: Bianca Costello

Print Traffic Coordinator: Ivy Moylan

Lead Copy Editor: Sandra L. Frey

Lounge Coordinator : Lauren Ryder

Lounge Coordinator: Cathy Trasborg


Festival Operations

Vatche Arabian

Jackie Arko

Hannah Foell

Naomi Greenfield

Erica Hill

Bob Holt

Jillian Maryonovich

Bryan Murray

Lori Strauss

Tess Varney

Tony Kress



Mark Anastasio

Vincent Archer

Brad Avery

Chris Kriofske


Volunteer Captains

Tonya Grimes

Nancy Howell

Renee Johnson

James Macon

Isaure Mignotte

Hilary Neukirk

Scott Oxholm

Zoe Rath

Billy Thegenus

Christine Varriale

Dyana Weissman


2015 Festival Campaign & Website design

Jodi Vautrin

2015 FESTIVAL CAMPAIGN watercolor art

Karen Kurycki


Program Design, Layout, and Production

Judy Wong

Julia Tenney

Board Members

Nancy Campbell

Scott Moomaw

Adam Roffman

Creative Advisor

Casey Affleck

Advisory Board

Todd Remis

Stephen Binder

Rob Carney

Eran Lobel

Dylan Baker

Jean-Philippe Boucicaut

Sarah Eaton

Bob Odenkirk

Lili Taylor


Scott Moomaw

Jason Redmond


Adam Roffman


Special Thanks To:

All of our Volunteers

City of Somerville

Mayor Joseph Curtatone

Jaclyn Rossetti

Joyce Linehan

Tom Johnston

Ken Brissette

Beth Stehley

Kelsey Kinton

The Hon. State Senator Cynthia S. Creem

The Hon. State Senator Linda Dorcena Forry

The Hon. State Senator Patricia D. Jehlen

The Hon. State Representative Cory Atkins

The Hon. State Representative Gloria Fox

The Hon. State Representative Kay Khan

The Hon. State Representative Paul McMurty

The Hon. State Representative Frank I. Smizik

Ian Judge

Richard Fraiman

Somerville Theatre staff

Kathy Tallman

Beth Gilligan

Coolidge Corner Theatre staff

Ned Hinkle

Brattle Theatre staff

Chico Colvard

UMass Boston staff

Ted Hope

Liz Ogilve

Tom Hall

Donald Worth

Larry Andersen

Susan Kimberlin and Steven Tamm

Jason Gorber

Eric Masunaga

Stacy Buchanan

David Kleiler


Amy Cerrito

Ed Hastings, Marlena Clark & Everyone at OHO Interactive

Stephanie O’Leary

Peter Rinnig

Lyda Kuth

Sara Archambault

Genevieve Carmel

Ben Fowlie

Jon Bernhardt

Howard Melman & Sean Graham

Ty Burr

Lisa Viola

Janice Page

Linda Henry

Charlotte Vena

Chris Lynn

Julie Ann Otis

Dan Delaney & Nigel Simon



Independent Film Festival Boston (IFFBoston) was started in 2003 to provide Boston with the type of film event it had been looking for: one that discovers emerging talent and celebrates the leading edge of cinematic story tellers. A showcase for the best films from around the world—a festival that would bring directors, actors, producers, sponsors, and attendees together in an interactive environment. There were other film festivals in Boston, but there wasn’t a mainstream independent film festival inclusive of everything that made up the film-festival experience.

Since then, the Festival has remained committed to two fundamental goals: to find the best local, national, and global films to share with our community; and to showcase our city to visiting artists, introducing them to savvy audiences and ideal locations for future films.

IFFBoston is a 100% volunteer-run event, and a 501(c)3 organization. We have been able to harness the unbridled enthusiasm of the community. And the industry is taking notice. Filmmakers love to show their films to our audience, finding them articulate and perceptive. We’re proud of the accolades we get from filmmakers, distributors, and the press, but we’re most proud of the recognition we’ve gotten from the people of Boston: we’ve been named Best Film Festival by readers of Boston’s Weekly Dig in 2012, and by readers of the Boston Phoenix in 2011 and 2012.

The success of IFFBoston can be attributed to the hard-working, passionate, and completely volunteer staff that puts in time year-round. It’s also thanks to the 200+ volunteers who join us festival week, our sponsors, our venues, and our community. Most of all, our success is largely due to an audience that had long wanted and waited for just this kind of festival and continues to support it.

2016 Presenting Sponsors

With additional thanks and gratitude to all of our sponsors for this year's festival.

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